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The Studio

Located in the heart of the Arts District of Northeast Minneapolis, the Library is a large, full-service, recording studio with multiple isolation rooms, including a high-ceiling drum room, a great selection of new and vintage microphones, Class A preamps, equalization, compression and outboard spring reverbs and tape delays. There is also a large collection of vintage keyboards as well as a grand piano, upright piano and Hammond A100 organ with a Leslie 147. The walls of the tracking rooms, adorned with books, gives the Library its unique character, vibe and sound. The large control room is a comfortable place to hang out in while recordings are being captured. Hundreds of albums, singles and EP's have been recorded here, as well as voice-over work and video shoots (some of which are featured on the video page).

Matt Patrick

Matt has been producing records since 1996, primarily in Minneapolis but has produced a handful of projects both nationally and internationally. He has owned several studios over the years but opened the doors of The Library in October of 2008. Matt is also an accomplished mix-engineer and would be happy to take your recordings from home (or from another studio) and put his signature thumb-print on it before sending it off to mastering. 


Producer of the Year Nominee, 2015 Independent Music Awards Jourdan Myers "Ruin Me With Love"

Producer of the Year Nominee, 2016 Independent Music Awards Greycoats "Adrift"